Muta-vit Liquid

Muta-vit Liquid

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Multi-vitamin mix with methionine for better molting

Oropharma Muta-Vit Liquid is a liquid mixture of vitamins and amino acids enriched with methionine and cysteine. This product is especially indicated for the molt. Feathers are largely made of hard protein tissue (keratin). During the molt, birds have an increased need for the building blocks of this protein, namely methionine and cysteine. Muta-Vit, a combination of these two sulfurous amino acids supplemented with necessary vitamins, ensures a strong, healthy, and beautiful plumage.

  • Ideal for the molt: promotes plumage development and feather condition
  • Strengthens the plumage
  • Helps to prevent fright molting
Directions for use

15 drops in 50 ml pure drinking water - 2 to 3 times per week, make fresh each time.
1. During the molt to promote the formation of the feathers: three times a week.
2. During preparation for the show season: For 4 consecutive days.
3. After treatment with antibiotics or other medicines: For 5 consecutive days.
Store in a cool and dark place.
4. In the case of decreased appetite due to bad metabolism: during one whole week.