Show Cropper Gabler

Show Cropper Gabler

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Show Croppers Gabler is a high-quality mixture with maize which has been specially developed for cropper breeds. The formula has been composed by Siegfried Gabler, one of the German champions with Silesian Croppers. The specially cleaned and selected grains and seeds create a balanced feed for optimum show pigeon health. The small format of the mixture prevents problems with the crop.

Directions for use;

Show Kropper Gabler can be administered freely to cropper breeds.


Small extra maize 20 %

Milo 17 %

Wheat 13 %

White dari 12 %

Small green peas 10 %

Safflower seed 8 %

Vetches 5 %

Millet white 3 %

Hempseed 3 %

Black rapeseed 3 %

Red maize 2 %

Toasted soya beans 2 %

Black sunflower seeds 2 %
Bags 20 kg